Engineering design for Social Innovation - EDSI

Sustainable Development
EDSI is optomistic and believes that there is always choice and that it is our collective responsibility is to consider the options and design the most sustainable solution. EDSI will never be a reactionary organisation that points at the problems; instead EDSI aims to act, promoting the alternative solution, the sustainable choice EDSI will challenge the status quo through promoting the organisation and people that are change makers and innovators. Showcasing the work of passionate designers and engineers who strive to find the alternative solution, the more sustainable and ethical solution.

Community Engagement
EDSI is founded on the principle that collaboration is central to overcoming the challenges of the 21st century. EDSI aims to build bridges and connect the dots in between people and engineering. EDSI believes that working in collaboration with the community will empower designers to design solutions which build into the human potential of the community. Central to this is the perspective we each bring to the solution and the respect we show each other. EDSI aims to encourage collaboration promoting the values of identity and respect within engineering.

Social Innovation
EDSI aims to encourage a culture of innovation and creativity within engineering; innovation which is purpose led and responds to the needs of the community. EDSI aims to promote design processes which enable designers and engineers to better respond to the needs of the community. These same processes will be applied to the design and development of EDSI, making EDSI an innovative and personable organisation.

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