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Conemara Golf Links - Case Study

January 2018

Branding and web design proposal for an award-winning, championship golf course in Ireland.

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Case Study, proposal of new branding and website for a Championship Golk Course in Ireland.

The goal was to give them a young, luxurious feel with a simpler and lighter design. I took their existing logo and remodeled it with simpler, moire recognisable shapes. The logo represents land, sand an sea, representing their proximity to the Irish Atlantic coast. It also includes a golf ball at the core, the color black was chosen to rflect the dark, rocky clifs of Galway.

This project was only a case study and one of my first try's at implemmenting my knowledge on a real project.

I contacted the golf course, who said they loved website proposal and liked the branding, although they would have prefered something with a more old-fashioned feel. They weren't plannning a website upgrade but my designs got them thinking and they wanted to make it a reality! I was excited, but as I was still busy studying at the time and my knowledge was limited I didn't feel able to take on such a project.

They seemed disapointed so I gave them the prototype and design files with full rights and told them that they could probably find a local or specialised vendor who could make it happen. A few months later they updated their website, having chosen a national, specialised golf website creator to fulfill the project. I don't think they had the budget to get a custom website built however as they seem to use a default weebly template. When the time is right I might get in touch with them to offer my services once again.

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