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Container Home

January 2020

3D model concept house built out of disused shipping containers.

The Deliverables
  • 3D Renders, Trimble SketchUp
The Details

Prototype for a sustainable home. Using disused shipping containers as a base, I imagine a modular design system that would enable the house to evolve with the owner needs.

The model pictured here is a three-bedroom house, using four shipping containers. The idea behind the modular system is that when the owner(s) needs more space, they can add new rooms.

The house is designed to be built in three stages. First, the ground level is created, then the second level is added, finally, an additional container is added to the second layer. This configuration can be expanded further but, in this set-up, enables a 1-2-3 bed arrangement. This would for example enable a couple to buy small, affordably and grow their house as their family and needs evolve - or re-sell and trade modules to upgrade their house.

An additional benefit to using containers is that they are transportable. The modular system would allow for deconstruction, transportation and re-assembly, meaning your house can move with you - containers are standardised and meant to travel.

The sustainability aspects of the design don't stop there. The flat roofs enable great rainwater capture and can also be planted to provide natural insulation. Solar panels for electricity and heating can be placed on the roofs.

The Result
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The Client

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The Tools