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Giving Day Marketing Campaign

January 2018

Photography and web design for INSEAD Advancement & Donor Relations.

The Deliverables
  • Photo book for marketing campaign
The Details

To increase awareness around their annual fundraising campaign 'Giving Day', INSEAD's advancements team asked me to manage a photo-op during one of their board meetings.

The goal was to get board members to explain what makes them believe that INSEAD is a "Force for Good".

Location options were limited as the photo op had to take place during the board meeting's lunch break. I was also dealing with harsh mid-day light and bright artificial lighting indoors.

After some moderate post-processing in Lightroom, both the client and I where happy with the results.

The Result
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The Client
The Business School for The World.

Projects done with INSEAD were completed as part of various internal teams. The projects would not have been possible without close collaboration and a strong team-effort.

The Tools
Canon Powershot G3 X