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Research Communications Portal

January 2020

Design and prototype of an online repository and web app for INSEAD Research.

The Deliverables
  • Semi-functional development of a research portal prototype
The Details

This project stemmed from a need to integrate and optimise INSEADs reasearch process in order to pro-actively create and update assets continuously, and on a large scale.

This portal, both front- and back-end would enable the management of research projects through an integrated process. The app would store and expose re-usable data that would enable the automated and proactive creation and distribuition of communications assets in line with comapny brand guidelines through complexe API set-ups.

The first step was to identify existing and design optimised databases on which the app would rely. Each stakeholder had his own requirements, some more important than others. For the MVP (Minimum viable product) the major requirements where research project tracking, SDG (Sustainable development goals) tagging and automated asset generation.

Indeed, one of the main goals of this new platform was to enable SDG tagging. This would revolutionise the ressource allocation and research focus at INSEAD, by integrating the goals and targets set by the United Nations as a new type of metric (KPI) that could be exposed and used to determine the sustainability impact of various research projects using an international framework.

I unfortunately am can not share any more details about this project at this time.

The Result
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The Client
The Business School for The World.

Projects done with INSEAD were completed as part of various internal teams. The projects would not have been possible without close collaboration and a strong team-effort.

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