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Rock In The Barn #11

January 2020

Web design and development for a psychadelic rock festival in Normandie.

The Deliverables
  • Website Design and Development
The Details

For the second year in a row, Rock in The Barn festival organisers got in touch with me to remake their website. They wanted to, yet again, create a unique web experience for this years edition.

This year the branding had changed. Shifting from a strong white/yellow/black color scheme with a western twist to a more subtle purple/cream blend with medival influences. Translating their very illustrative branding into a functional and intuitive web interface on zero-budget was not easy.

I settled on a subtle interpretation: opposing corner radiuses and interactions give a 'scroll' like feel to card elements, a germanic font sets the medieval tone, illustrative elements scattered around the page remind the user of the natural setting and primitive setting, pastel tones help mask the digital nature of the website and anchors it in the desired temporal space.

The Result
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The Client
Rock in The Barn
Psychadelic rock festival in Normandie, France.

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