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January 2017

Award-winning poster created to illustrate a public health research paper.

The Deliverables
  • 1 poster, 95 x 118 cm
The Details

The aim of this project was to translate a public health research dissertation Addressing ageism in undergraduate nursing education, from the University of Manchester, into an congress poster. The poster would be displayed in a booth at a leading French Public Health Cogress: Congrès ADELF-SFSP 2017.

The research paper presented the role that public health education played in the healthy ageing of the population, it proposed solutions and remarks on how to enale healthier ageing through better health education. The poster had to expose key statics and evidence as well as the proposed solutions.

The poster was displayed alongside a few hundred others and won the 'Best Poster' award.

The Result
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The Client

Projects done with INSEAD were completed as part of various internal teams. The projects would not have been possible without close collaboration and a strong team-effort.

The Tools